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There is no such thing that ** kg of plastic is equal to one hut. At the time we start cooperating with your municipality, we donate 20 huts for the purpose of telling about our project and making them familiarized with it. In return, all we ask from them is to locate the Recycle Bins of the project at the streets. As a citizen, you should sort the waste (plastic, glass, metal) at source ensuring that no recyclable material goes for nothing. The more waste sorted and collected, the more benefit from the project gained, and thus the municipalities wish to continue our cooperation encouraging more local administrations to participate in the project Plastics turning into Home. In this way, the number of unowned animals will reduce day by day. 

No, it is not. The project “Mavi Kapak” provided a wheelchair in return for caps. This project Plastics turning into Home is of an awareness project. This project is not about something in return for plastic; we directly work with municipalities. We support the local administrations that are already supposed to hold responsibility for the street animals by means of donating huts and, act as an intermediary to help them collect more waste. Ultimately, we establish and increase the awareness for recycling culture

We are not able to receive waste due to legislation. Waste is collected and recycled by such companies licensed by the municipalities for such purpose. Therefore, it is important that you should send your waste to the cooperating municipalities and, if this is not possible, you should encourage your municipality to participate in the project. 

What is important in this project is to keep the campaign’s continuity. Therefore, we are open to the support from all institutions able to carry out the campaign in the long run. 

No, it is not. We use plastic everywhere and for everything: water bottles, protective gelatin used to wrap food we eat or toys our children play with; even in artificial cardiac valves or lenses as raw materials.  It is no way harmful for human or animal life. There is no data, study suggesting that plastic is harmful for human health, on the contrary, there are some scientific data evidencing that is actually useful for human health. Therefore, you can entrust street animals to their home made of plastic with mind at peace. 

We set no prior condition for the municipalities. All we want from them is to cover some recycle bins with visuals from the project Plastics turning into Home so that supporting people may place plastic waste into them. 

Benefits in Clause 6


We aim to popularize recyling awareness


We aim to elucidate importance of decomposition on source


We aim to help for shelter needs of Street animals.


We aim to tell city is common home range of humans and animals.


We aim to take support person and also institution


We aim to tell proving to environmental sustainability if we use source rightly

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